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This organized directory of Alcoholics Anonymous will direct you to specific A.A. information sought online.  The links provided will directly link inside Web sites or to the home page to provide the information you are looking for.  Categories include A.A. history, research, chat rooms, the "Big Book", recovery, clubs, workshops, news groups, personal pages, conferences, conventions, merchandise for sale, and online support.

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This site is intended to help you find links that are A. A. related. Broke into categories to make your search easier online. Please send suggestions, notification of broken links or sites that are not included to . Thank you and I hope this site makes your navigation of A. A. sites easier. With your help, hopefully improvements will always be ongoing.

A great way to narrow down your personal searches that are A. A. related!
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Big Book Online and Downloads


  • Primary Purpose It's the Primary Purpose Group, Spartanburg, SC homepage. Our main purpose for this site is to provide free AA ...

  • Free Big Book Glossary A free, downloadable dictionary for the book Alcoholics Anonymous with 2300 words and phrases which covers 194 pages of the Big Book line-by-line.
  • Soberman Free printable 12 step meeting signs for your group all you have to do is select and print.

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Sites Offering A.A. related Items for Sale

  • Catalog of Alcoholics Anonymous Buy or sell Alcoholics Anonymous collectable books, magazines, and memorabilia.  This is a great place for the AA archivist, collector, or anyone looking for vintage AA printed material. 



  • The Recovery Emporium  Recovery Gift Items and Anniversary Medallions.  Low prices.  Fast order response.  Hundreds of Recovery Resources - Automated Daily Readings - Articles.
  • Way of Life Way of Life Collections, Inc offers the 12 STEPPERS, fine pewter collectible figurines. These figurines artfully depict the journey of recovery, the 12 Steps.

  • Set For Success "Lacking Motivation, Help Is Waiting For You!" "Inner Drive - Self Motivation Patiently Wait!"

  • Eternal Sobriety Offers truthful and practical answers about the biblical God for recovering individuals.

  • 2005 Sobriety Calendar  This calendar has A.A. history, facts, and humor.  A daily reminder for all with an interest in the 12 Steps to sobriety and important A.A. dates of interest. 
  • Catalog of Alcoholics Anonymous  This catalog has out of print and collectable Alcoholic Anonymous books and related items for sale such as, Big Books, Temperance, AA Grapevines, Oxford Group, and Magazines with AA related material.
  • Clean and Serene  Real cool soaps with embedded AA slogans, guaranteed to keep you clean!
  • Chery's Bookmarks  Laminated Alcoholics Anonymous Bookmarks and Wallet Cards.  Can be customized with group name or logo on the back before laminating.  Great for conventions and gift giving.
  • International Cut Coins Hand carved recovery medallions, including Triangle, Bill W & Dr. Bob, and We Are Not Powerless Sailboat.
  • Soberman Free printable 12 step meeting signs for your group all you have to do is select and print.

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History and Research





  • Alcohol Studies Database This site provides access to the Alcohol Studies Database.  The database contains over 70,000 citations for journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, conference papers, and audio-visual materials.

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Personal, misc. Pages

  • A medical and health consumer information resource containing comprehensive and unbiased information in patient-friendly language from trusted sources on over 1,500 health topics.



  • AA Talks  Here I will post a number of talks of speakers sharing their experience, strength, and hope. 
  • THERE IS A SOLUTION UK AA Web Site, We are a group of alcoholics from South Essex/East London who are concerned about the effectiveness of AA in our region and have decided to do something about it.

  • New Beginnings Inspirational site with personal stories of recovery and other useful information.

  • Songs Of The Twelve Steps  You are invited to listen to the entire CD, one song at a time right here, right now. You are also welcome to download any of the songs FREE.

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  • Love4Life Unlimited, Corp "A Place of Grace” is located in Tulsa, Okla. This home provides sober living for women who are serious about their sobriety one day at a time!





  •  Sober Living by the Sea Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers (SLBTS) were established to provide alcohol and drug treatment to those in need of rehabilitation for drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency, substance abuse and other harmful drug addictions.

  •  Alcohol and drug rehab.  Our homes and alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment services offer affordable non-intrusive treatment options to individuals and their families. A place where our clients are free to come and go in the least restrictive and intrusive drug treatment options possible.

  • Recovery Site Locator RECOVERY SITE LOCATOR offers a comprehensive list of recovery, self-help, and 12 step sites all categorized by subject matter.

  • Walden House, Inc. Today’s Walden House helps to treat more than 4,400 men, women and children each day, while giving the challenge, the focus and the compassion necessary for people to change their lives and reach their full potential.

  • Rocky Point Roundup: Come for the fiesta at the 11th annual 2004 ROCKY POINT ROUNDUP. The fun begins on Friday, October 22, 2004 at noon and continues until Sunday, October 24.

  • Cumberland Heights Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center Cumberland Heights is committed to the tradition of providing the highest quality of care possible, in a low cost-effective manner, for people - and their families - who are at risk for, or who are suffering from, the disease of chemical dependency.

  • Exercise and Recovery  New book describes a soothing exercise program that addresses the physical aspect of recovery. This can help men and women of all ages achieve physical and mental fitness.

  • The Magdalen House is a free, non-medical detox center that offers women a safe environment where they can withdraw from alcohol abuse.  The primary addiction must be alcohol. Potential applicants may call the House Supervisor between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. at 214-324-9261
  • Teen Drug Abuse Information and resources for Parents about the teen drug abuse problem in America.
  • Dare to Recover  Treatment centers and supplemental programs throughout the United States; featuring for-profit and non-profit recovery professionals.
  • Recovery Life is dedicated to spreading the message of hope and strength to everyone in recovery from alcohol or drugs, with recovery topic article, AA and NA sections, recovery links, and many other recovery resources for anyone in recovery.
  • Drug Rehab Center Hotline Rehab Center Hotline is a no-cost drug and alcohol rehabilitation referral service specializing in helping addicts find the right treatment. We also assist families with the intervention process.
  • Get To "The Point" of Recovery!   A group of recovering alcoholics, registered with OIAA (Online Intergroup AA). We hold meetings much like face-to-face AA meetings, guided by an online Protocol.
  • Drug And Alcohol Abuse Detox & Treatment Chapman House is ranked as a # 1 inpatient treatment provider. Specialized, successful methods are used to treat chemical dependency. We also provide in patient program that is accomplished
    safely, and most of all comfortably. We also treat people with addictions such as gambling and sex addiction. The best affordable treatment with lifesaving results!
  • Transitions Recovery Program  Drug rehabilitation center, alcohol and substance abuse treatment, specializing in drug addiction, alcoholism, dual diagnosis, and eating disorders, in North Miami Beach, Florida.
  • Get To "The Point" of Recovery! We, at Providence Point, are a Group of recovering alcoholics, registered with OIAA (Online Intergroup AA). We hold meetings much like face-to-face AA meetings, guided by an online Protocol.
  • Promis  The PROMIS Recovery Centre is a large Victorian house with its coach house, set in five acres of grounds with landscaped gardens and trees surrounded by the rolling farmland and woodland of the North Downs of Kent. The setting offers the peace and tranquility in which to effect successful recovery.

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